Where to Find the Best Eco-Friendly Furniture in the US?

When it comes to choosing furniture, there are lots of things to consider. Is it stylish? Does it complement your other decors at home? These are the usual things that homeowners think about when buying a piece of furniture.

But, nowadays, the demand for eco-friendly products is on the rise. And that’s good! Not only it minimizes the use of harsh plastics, varnishes, and other chemicals that harms the environment, it also gives your home a more natural look.

However, some people who are looking for sustainable furniture find it a daunting task. Lucky you, we’ve got a list of the companies in the US that provides the best eco-friendly pieces of furniture.

Here are the top companies in the US where you can find the best eco-friendly furniture.


Viva Terra, which means “living earth,” is an all-in-one stop shop that sells natural, organic and artisan-made products. From kitchen and dining to indoor and outdoor eco-friendly furniture, almost everything that you need is here.

Eco Balanza

Formerly known as “Greener Lifestyles,” this Seattle-based company produces high-quality furniture made with non-toxic materials. Eco Balanza nurtures traditional furniture-making by hand, which is why they offer personalized designs and can provide your exact specifications.


Another company that strives to reduce its carbon footprint is Joybird. Aside from its stunning mid-century modern style of furniture, Joybird also plant trees with every purchase of their pieces in an effort to preserve the world’s rainforests.

Haiku Designs

If you are planning to transform your home into a Zen paradise but also want to lessen the environmental footprint, then you can try purchasing at Haiku Designs. The company offers a wide range of modern Japanese furniture and also ensures that their products are eco-friendly, sustainable, and safe for the family.

West Elm

West Elm focuses on the intersection of modern design and affordability. They were previously known for their home decor and furniture all over the world. But just recently, they are now offering a great selection of eco-friendly collections and are now FSC-certified.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is famous for its exclusive designs, timeless style, and high-quality products. From home office to kitchen and dining, there are hundreds of green options to choose from. Crate & Barrel allows you to build a home with a unique and beautiful reclaimed and sustainable high-end pieces of furniture.

The Citizenry

The Citizenry not only offers environmentally friendly products, but it also empowers artisans all over the world by giving back the 10% profits to them. Although their products are exclusively sold online, their handmade goods crafted with the highest quality materials are at more reasonable prices than the traditional luxury boutiques.


2Modern is a retailer of modern furniture and home accessories that works with several designers to create eco-friendly pieces with a curated modern style. They believe that beautiful things can be made without having to compromise our planet.


IKEA has become one of the most well-known home furnishing brands in the world, and they have been working harder to produce much more sustainable products. They make sure that their products are free from any chemicals that can be harmful to people or the environment.

IKEA’s designers and product developers ensure the safety, quality, and most importantly, the environmental impact of every product they create. So if you’re going green, IKEA is a great shop to buy eco-friendly furniture.


Inmod has been named as one of the best online retailers. They are also known for using sustainable, FSC certified wood, bamboo, and other eco-friendly materials to create stunning yet functional furniture. With Inmod, you can surely get the contemporary style that you want without harming our planet.

If you are worried about your furniture being made from synthetics that won’t break down in the landfills, then these companies in the US that offer the best eco-friendly furniture can help you put your mind at ease.

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