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Wood Products and Services

Our Reclaimed and New Wood Products & Services

Vintage & Specialty Wood offers a vast array of reclaimed wood products rescued from old homes, factories, barns, warehouses, and other structures. These reclaimed beams and planks come from walls, decking, flooring, and timbers that once graced the structures of yesteryear. Their prior buildings may be long gone, but the wood is timeless and ready to bring its beauty and usefulness to your project.

Premium Quality Products

For those who want to use new wood in their projects, Vintage & Specialty Wood offers the finest specialty wood. Our vast network of suppliers established over decades leads to results.

We offer a variety of products to meet the needs of your project. Our pride and glory are the work we do in timber and beam ceilings. In fact, when it comes to reclaimed wood timber and beams, nobody beats the work and craftsmanship we provide. We bring the best of the past into the future. Whether you are looking for a timber framer, reclaimed wood, big beams, ceiling experts, or specialty wood, Vintage & Specialty Wood can fulfill your needs.

Specialty and Reclaimed Wood Products

Whether buying from our available inventory or looking for a custom project, we are here to help. Please contact us to inquire about your project needs and learn why Vintage & Specialty Wood is the right choice for all your reclaimed and specialty wood needs.

An architecture plan.

Shop Drawings

Beautiful and luxurious dream homes.

A carpenter working with specialty wood.


The highest quality timber and craftmanship.

Installing specialty wood on a wooden frame of a house.


Deliver and install elaborate timber projects.

Timber frame home.

Trusses & Timber Framing

We fabricate both structural and decorative trusses. Our services include 3D modeling, shop drawings, field measuring, fabrication, and installation nationwide.

Wood work done by Vintage and Specialty Wood Inc

Custom Beam Ceilings

Non Structural decorative ceiling beams will normally be installed as a retro fit after conventional framing and before insulation.

Wood work done by Vintage and Specialty Wood Inc

Reclaimed Beams

Hardwood and Softwood – many species of reclaimed beams including a variety of textures for exquisite ceilings.

Outdoor wooden structure.

Outdoor Living

From pool pavilions to trellises – if you can imagine it, we can help you create it.

Wood work done by Vintage and Specialty Wood Inc

Reclaimed Barn Board Siding

From old barns to beautiful new rooms, reclaimed wood can make a sophisticated statement on walls and ceilings, bringing warmth and charm.

Ceiling planking by our expert team.

Ceiling & Wall Planking

Whether your project calls for a rustic or chic city feel our reclaimed wood planking products can complete the look.

Wood work done by Vintage and Specialty Wood Inc

Wide Plank Flooring

An ageless look that is rich in character, our premier flooring is cut from the finest reclaimed building materials ranging in age from 100 to 200 years old.

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