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Natural Patina Circle Sawn Barn Beams

Reclaimed wood beams & timber products available from Vintage & Speciality Wood, Inc

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Natural Patina Circular sawn Barn beams – Beams & Timbers Products

Our Natural Patina Circular Sawn Beams are reclaimed from Barns across America. Theses barns were built in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. The advent of transportation made it easier to get from the sawmill to the building site. The specie of the wood didn’t matter to the folks building the barn and that is why you find a wide variety of species in Natural Patina Circular Sawn.

We take each beam and carefully remove the old nails, pressure wash to remove the dirt build up over the years and bring out the natural patina that can only occur over time.

Sizes & Lengths

Sizes: most common sizes for Natural Patina Circular sawmark 4×6, 6×6, 6×8, 8×8, 8×10, 10×10, 10×12.

These sizes apply to hardwood or softwood.

Lengths – from 4’0″ to 24’0″

Kiln Drying

We heat treat all beams to eradicate the potential of any bugs.

Species Available

We offer in a mixed hardwood or mixed softwood blend of timbers. All one specie can be requested.

Hardwood– white oak, red oak, Hickory

Softwood – White Pine, and Hemlock


All beams are surface denailed.


All beams are lightly power washed to remove dirt and expose the natural patina.


Beams that will be installed against a wall or ceiling will have a clean cut for easier installation.

Posts can be let 4 sides exposed.


This product is shipped raw. Most people leave raw to enjoy the natural patina that occurred over time.

Finish can be applied to enhance or deepen the color.

Contact our team today to inquire about our new wood beams & timber products and services. We have the inventory and timber experts you need to design, fabricate, and install premium quality wood for your next project.

Our natural patina circular sawn beams are reclaimed from old barns and industrial/factory buildings all around the US. Their durability and aesthetics make them perfect for most types of construction projects.

Since these timbers were felled in the late 1800s to early 1900s, they still bear the circular saw marks typical of milled woods at that time. Early sawmills use water or steam-powered circular saw blades. These types of saw blades leave behind ring-like blade markings on the wood’s surface. This, in turn, creates a rough texture in the wood’s graining patterns. That’s why they are also called rough sawn beams. Unlike hand-hewn beams, however, circular sawn beams have a much cleaner and more even look.

But one of the most prized characteristics of these types of reclaimed beams is their natural patina. When untreated wood is left exposed to the elements, it develops a naturally weathered surface known as patina.

Since each wood has different levels of exposure to the rain, sun, and wind, each tends to have completely unique patinas. Their colors can range from gray with notes of silver to very deep browns. Add to that the nail holes, and other markings that tell the story of the wood’s rich history, and you get beams and timbers that are one of a kind.

Natural Patina Circular Sawmark Beams – Antique Material

Our natural patina circular sawn barn beams also come in a wide variety of species. The folks who are building barns in those days didn’t really care about the type of wood they use. That’s why you’ll see both softwood and hardwood species thrown into the mix. Our softwood timber mix usually consists of white pine and hemlock. While white oak, red oak, and hickory make up our hardwood mix.

Natural patina beams reclaimed from old factories, on the other hand, usually come from specific species. This includes douglas fir, and heart pine. Since they’re used in industrial buildings, they are often larger in size than the barn timbers.

All of our reclaimed natural patina woods are surface denailed and lightly power washed to remove dirt and expose the natural patina. We also heat treat them to get rid of any potential bugs.

Beams that will be installed against a wall or ceiling will have a clean-cut for easier installation. Posts, however, can be left with 4 sides exposed. We also ship our timbers raw so you can enjoy their natural patina or apply your preferred finish.

Got more questions about our natural patina circular sawn beams? Contact us now to talk to our timber experts!

Our wide selection of freshly sawn timbers can be purchased for interior and exterior use ranging from timber frames, decorative beam ceilings, trusses as well as pergolas and trellises. Our offering is wide ranging including different grades from knotty to clear and kiln drying options based on your needs and application.

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Our team of timber experts can design, fabricate, and install premium timber products for your next project.

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