Why Should You Get a Floating Floor?

Floor wood is a popular trend when decorating a home nowadays. Aside from its elegance, wood floors also bring out coziness in your home. With its gained popularity, I’m sure that you’re now considering installing one as well.

Traditionally, floors are held in place by nailing it or gluing it to the subfloor. However, this can be time-consuming and costly. The best and quickest way to have a wood floor is through floating floor installation.

You probably have heard about it already, and you might have heard about its advantages as well.

To convince you more on why you should get a floating floor for your beautiful home, below is the list of its benefits.

What is a Floating Floor Installation?

For starters, a floating floor is not a specific type of flooring but a method of installing a floor. In this type of floor installation, planks and boards are not attached to the subfloor.

A floating flooring installation is like a jig-saw puzzle. The woods are attached through a lock and snap technique. Because of its ease of installation and other advantages, many people are now choosing this type of method.

Advantages of a Floating Floor Installation

Easier To Install, Easier To Remove

One of the main reasons why people choose the floating floor as a method of installing floor wood is because it is easier to install.

Floating floor installation can be done without the traditional nailing or gluing the wood planks into the subfloor. And since it’s easier to install, the floating floor is easier to remove as well. If you decide to renovate your flooring again, you will not find it hard to remove the floor wood.


The traditional or solid wood flooring installation is quite expensive. Installing it can be a daunting task, so you’ll probably end up hiring a flooring installer.

Whereas in floating floor installation, the materials used are way cheaper. Also, you can install it yourself and forget about paying for labor.


Most people, especially those who are environmentalists, love the idea of a floating floor simply because it uses less wood, which makes it eco-friendly.

Can Adjust to Weather Changes

One problem that most homeowners have is the buckling of wood floors. Buckling of wood floors happens when there is too much moisture in the room, causing the wood to buckle. This occurs more often in areas with humid weather.

In the floating floor installation method, the woods can easily adjust, such as expand or contract itself in response to the changes in the room’s humidity.

As you can see, you can benefit a lot from using floating floors. However, it is still best to seek advice from a professional to see if floating floors best suit your home.

If you need assistance in choosing which type of floor you should use, we’re more than happy to help you. We offer the best vintage and specialty woods and timbers personally inspected by our team of experts who can also provide unbeatable craftmanship skills for your intricate wood projects. Browse our gallery of past projects to know more about the work that we do or contact us to get a free consultation.

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