Luxurious Tiki Bar Ideas

Tiki bars add a nice, exotic touch to a place. Just seeing it makes you think of sunsets spent lying in a hammock under a coconut tree while sipping some exotic tropical cocktail.

First introduced in the 1930s, tiki bars are making a comeback in recent years. The elaborate cocktails may have taken inspiration from the earlier decades. But the aesthetics have definitely evolved.

Earlier tiki bars were usually attached to hotels and restaurants. Today, more and more homeowners are choosing to install tiki bars in their outdoor spaces.

If you’re planning to have one at home, here are some luxurious tiki bar ideas for you.

Tiki Bar Decor

In a nutshell, the tiki bar concept is a romanticized version of island life. This means that elements which feature largely in island cultures should also be present in your tiki bar.

Remember that these bars offer an escape from the daily challenges of urban life. Thus, stepping inside it should also feel like entering a completely different world.

Some of the basic decors every tiki bar must have include:

Tropical Elements

Since tiki bars should reflect tropical island vibes, it should have tropical decorative elements. Think of the usual things people associate with the tropics and incorporate them into your design.

You can add live plants, bamboo trees, indigenous artworks and the like. The architecture itself should also be tropical. The trick is to make it look like you’ve brought an exotic tropical island right into your backyard. Some tiki bars even go overboard with bamboo bridges and tropical birds which make it look more authentic.


Lighting can make or break a bar. The same is true for tiki bars. Remember that you are trying to exude exotic tropical vibes. Thus, your tiki bar should have that mysterious yet intimate ambiance.

To achieve this, keep your lighting minimal. Low-wattage bulbs in the right places often do the trick. You can also use decorative LED lights. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Other tiki bars also use candles and bonfires to recreate island nights. But if you’re putting up the tiki bar in your backyard with limited space, they could become fire hazards.

Water Features

Recreating island life wouldn’t be complete without the water features. If you don’t have a pool, a mini waterfall or a small water pond will do. Even an aquarium will do if space is an issue.

Wooden Furniture

Of course, the furniture has to be made of wood. If possible, the overall structure has to be made with either wood or bamboo too. Most tiki bars also have thatched grass roof for a more authentic island vibe. (Related: The Most Expensive Woods in the World)


Polynesian and other island cultures are known for their exotic carvings of deities. Think of Easter Island and the indigenous tribes of the pacific. Thus, adding wooden pole carvings can also help reinforce the island vibe in your tiki bar.


Tiki-themed music sets the overall mood for your tiki bar. Aside from the usual native drums, you can also play luau or the more relaxing ukelele music.

Tiki Bar Design Ideas

Now that you know the essential elements in tiki bar decorations, here are some tiki bar design ideas you can choose from.

Portable Bar Hut

Portable bars are great if you’re renting and can’t make permanent renovations to your space. Or if you just want to take the party wherever you want. Ready-made ones can be bought online but you can also make your own.

Bamboo Chairs

Instead of a bar counter, you can also set a wooden table in your backyard and surround it with bamboo chairs. From lounge chairs, high stools and divans, bamboo is very versatile. It also makes a luxurious addition to your backyard tiki bar.

Thatch Beach Umbrella

A thatch beach umbrella also makes a great alternative to the usual tiki bar set-up. Plus it’s relatively small so space wouldn’t be an issue. It also makes a cozy and intimate hangout if you’re not fond of large crowds.

Luau Grass Table Skirt

Turn your old wooden table into a tiki bar counter with a luau grass table skirt. If you can’t find an authentic raffia grass, an artificial one will do. You can also put tropical flowers like hibiscus or plumeria for a more authentic Hawaiian vibe.

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