Antique Barn Board Siding

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Antique barn board sidings are wall claddings or panelings made of reclaimed planks from old structures such as barns and mills.

Sidings do more than just protect your home from the elements. If done right, it can also enhance its overall appearance.

Over the past few decades, a widening variety of materials have been used for wall sidings. The most common are brick, vinyl, metal, stucco, glass, and wood. Each of which has its own merits and disadvantages.

But one wall siding material that’s gaining popularity among construction professionals is reclaimed timbers. In particular, antique barnboards. Old, reclaimed woods like this are prized mainly for their aesthetics and rarity.

What is a Barn Board?

As their name suggests, barn boards are reclaimed paneling or wall siding from old barns and mills.

Because they’re naturally exposed to the elements, barn boards possess an authentic rustic charm that faux woods can’t replicate. Their color can range from gray/silver to deep brown. Often, these antique woods also contain markings such as nail holes and ghostings in varying degrees.

Since most of these boards were originally sawn from a farm’s nearby woodlot, the tree species can vary. This and the varying degree of exposure to the elements account for the inconsistent color, texture, and thickness of each board.

This non-uniformity might not look good on modern engineered woods. But it only adds to the classic and natural charm of antique barn board sidings.

Benefits of Using Antique Barn Board for Siding

Because they’re getting increasingly hard to find, reclaimed barn boards are generally expensive. But the benefits of using antique barn boards for wall siding far outweigh the cost.


Let’s face it: barn boards look amazing in almost any project. Whether you use it as a wall siding or flooring, these woods stand out. Nothing can beat the timeless elegance of these naturally-weathered wooden planks. Antique barn board sidings add character and a luxurious feel to any structure.


They’ve lasted decades (and centuries) of rain, sun, and snow. If that’s not proof of durability, then nothing is. Historically, wooden planks are air-dried which made them strong and durable. This makes them perfect if you’re building for the long term.


If the thought of cutting trees to build your dream home bothers you, then reclaimed barn boards are a perfect choice. It’s basically recycling and repurposing old woods so no trees have to be felled.

Old Growth Properties

Authentic reclaimed barn woods were cut during a time when mature, naturally grown trees were easier to find. This is why they possess old growth properties that newly grown trees don’t. Mature woods from old growth forests have slower growth rates which made them denser and stronger.

Appreciates in Value

Apart from aesthetic value, antique barn woods also add market value to your property. They’re already expensive right now but it will even be more so in the future. Some of the species used in these barn woods are nearly extinct which drives their value even higher. The same, however, cannot be said for newly-milled woods.


Because most antique wooden building materials were hewn by hand, they lack the polished finish that is characteristic of machine-milled ones. As a result, each plank is distinct in texture, size, shape, thickness, and color. This distinctness makes authentic reclaimed barn boards all the more valuable.

Where to Get The Best Antique Barn Boards

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