Wide Plank Flooring

What Is Wide Plank Flooring?

Wide planks are non-traditional hardwood floors that give a classic feeling of old-fashioned coziness to most homes. It can also complement your modern amenities that add a charm to it and makes it even more dreamy.

With wide planks, you can never go out of style since it undoubtedly goes with everything.

You may also decide what version of wide planks to install in your beautiful house since it comes with plenty of varieties.

If you want the rarest of all items, authentic reclaimed wide planks got you. Not quite fond of it? New wide planks are also available. There are even less expensive ones like laminated, tiles, and luxury vinyl.

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If you admire an authentic with a sense of warmth environment, wide plank flooring can offer you that enticement and give you the illusion of a more open and larger room.

To help you decide if you should have wide planks flooring installed your house, here is the list of its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Wide Planks

Can Be Quickly Installed

Wide planks are quicker to install, primarily when handled by a professional. Each piece takes up more room per square foot, which roughly covers more surface area. Thus, allowing you to save significant time during installation.

It Can Make The Room Look Spacious

Contrary to popular belief, wide plank flooring does not make space looks smaller. In fact, it creates the illusion of more space and helps the room appear larger than it actually is.

It Can Last Longer

Wide plank floors last much longer than any flooring. As long as it is properly installed and maintained, it can last for generations.

Easier to Repair

Compared to other types of flooring, wood floors are much easier to repair. When a particular spot on the floor has become damaged, you can easily replace it without having to remove the entire flooring.

The Downside of Wide Plank Flooring

It Has A Tendency To Shrink Or Expand

Since wide plank flooring has wider boards and does not have many seams than the usual narrower boards, it tends to shrink and expand. If you are living in a humid environment, your planks might experience issues such as cupping and gapping.

Wide Plank Flooring

Wide Plank Flooring Can Be Expensive

Wide planks do not come cheap. This type of flooring often uses reclaimed woods, and that means it can last longer for like over a hundred years, which makes it more expensive compared to others.

Also, it needs to be installed by a pro, which means you need to pay extra for labor. While you can install it on your own, wide plank floors are not that DIY-friendly. It is highly advised to hire a professional to make sure that your wide planks are correctly installed and won’t cause any problems later on.

While wide planks can be expensive, this type of flooring is excellent overall, which you will not regret having in the long run.

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