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Reclaimed Beams

What Are Reclaimed Beams?

Reclaimed wood or antique wood is lumber that is recycled to be used for a different purpose. The wood comes from various sources like old barns, stock farms, wine casks, and other wooden structures that have been deconstructed.

Wood beams, on the other hand, are timbers that are usually added into your home for either structural support or as purely decorative.

So when you say reclaimed beams, these are processed lumbers that uses a salvaged wood, instead of virgin timber, to create stunning and stylish beams in your home.

There’s a reason why reclaimed beams are a popular choice and do not fall behind on architectural trends. Reclaimed beams give your home a unique twist because, aside from its beauty, it also adds character and a sense of history.


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Benefits of Reclaimed Beams


Reclaimed woods decrease the demand for harvesting new and virgin lumber. While you can always plant a tree, it gets chopped down faster than it can grow.


When you use reclaimed wood for your wood beams, it often comes with an exciting story. Unlike using virgin lumber, the wood will just come from the forest, get cut down, and then end up in your home with no history to offer.


Reclaimed wood is usually old-growth. Meaning, the wood reached its full maturity, which makes it more durable compared to the trees we have today that produce virgin lumbers.


Reclaimed wood is usually less expensive compared to the increasing cost of new hardwood.

Reclaimed Beams

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