Custom Beam Ceilings

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Want to add a dramatic flair to your home? Our retro-fit custom beam ceilings are just what you need! 

Unlike regular flat ceilings, beam ceilings feature exposed beams and joists. The beams are typically made of timber or other specialty woods. There can be as little or as many exposed beams as the overall design warrants. This construction technique can also be incorporated in both flat and vaulted ceilings.

If you’ve ever been to old churches in Europe, this type of ceiling would be familiar. It’s particularly popular during the mid-12th to 16th century. Many Gothic architectures of this period feature richly-decorated vaulted beam ceilings.

In modern construction, beam ceilings are seeing rising popularity. Many homeowners prefer them because of their aesthetic value. It adds visual depth to your ceiling and dramatic flair to your home.

Since it can be easily customized, beam ceilings also give builders plenty of opportunities to be creative. It allows you to combine art with functionality while expressing individuality.

Benefits of Custom Beam Ceilings

Adds Visual Impact

A custom beam ceiling creates a dramatic visual transformation to a room. Regular flat ceilings can make your house look drab and boring. But adding some exposed timber beams totally impacts the overall look and feel of the room.

Creates Personality For Your Home

Because there are just so many ways to customize beam ceilings, it allows you to create a personality for your home. It livens up the house and evokes an ambiance that is unique to its own.


Beam ceilings can be made to suit a variety of architectural styles. It can be installed in any type of ceiling and can use almost any type of construction material.

If you’re doing multiple projects with different themes, excess timbers can always be repurposed for other projects. So you can save on construction materials too.

Increases Your Property’s Resale Value

Aside from aesthetics, timber beams fetch a high value in construction. So having high-quality beam ceilings usually makes a property’s resale value skyrocket.

Common Types of Custom Beam Ceilings

When it comes to decorating your beam ceilings, your imagination is the limit. It’s very flexible that it will complement most design themes. Whether you’re going for a classic rustic charm or modern industrial look, a custom beam ceiling can add visual intrigue to your home.

To give you some inspiration for your project, here are some of the most common types of custom beam ceilings:

Cozy Rustic Barn

This design usually features reclaimed or unpolished timber beams in a vaulted ceiling. The overall look evokes a cozy, warm feeling making it perfect for living rooms and family homes.

Modern Beachside Villa

Incorporating a coastal vibe to a modern minimalist design is a common theme for beachside retreat houses. It usually features serene colors and natural polished wood beams atop floor-to-ceiling windows.

Contemporary Farmhouse

White-washed walls and tall ceilings with exposed parallel beams are typical elements of this design. It also commonly includes massive windows, sleek furnishings, and a fireplace to complete the farmhouse vibe.

Italian Kitchen

A low-hang flat ceiling supported by parallel exposed beams in a natural oak wood finish. This design combines elements of Italian provincial architecture with contemporary rustic design. Wrap the look with a chandelier and a few antique copper pots hanging from the ceiling.

French Provincial Homestead

If you want to pull off a French provincial look, oak beam ceilings are your friends. It creates a peaceful and rural ambiance while maintaining that coveted French sophistication.

Finding the Right Material For Your Custom Beam Ceiling

The materials and finish of your beam ceiling usually dictate the overall look of your room. If you’re aiming for a rustic charm look, go for oakwoods. While reclaimed timber beams are perfect for chic vintage designs.

Whatever type of wood you may need, we got it all for you. We supply a wide range of vintage and specialty woods to suit every project. No one can beat our team of timber experts when it comes to providing excellent craftsmanship and customer service. Contact us now for a free consultation.