The Most Luxurious Apartment Amenities in 2020

Housing preferences are constantly evolving. But if there’s one thing that remains true for real estate lessors, it’s that people are willing to pay for luxury.

In this day and age, the lines separating luxury and comfort seem to blur. Apartment dwellers don’t just consider their homes a place to sleep, eat or store stuff in. It’s also their sanctuary and a place to meet other people. This is why real estate developers are scrambling to provide amenities that cater to these needs.

If you want to make your apartment complex fit for celebrities, these luxurious apartment amenities should be on your list.

1. State-of-the-Art Fitness Center

Physical fitness has become an integral part of our daily life. But with the rising urban crime rate, jogging in public parks have become riskier. That’s why many high-end apartment buildings nowadays have state-of-the-art fitness centers.

These fitness centers usually include the latest workout facilities complete with fitness instructors and even flatscreen televisions.

2. Pet Parks

One common concern among apartment hunters are facilities for their pets. Due to sanitary and safety reasons, most landlords are banning pets in their buildings. This is why adding a pet park to your property gives you a competitive advantage over other lessors.

According to the National Pet Owners Survey, an estimated 67% of US households own a pet. Having facilities that will cater to the needs of these people will attract renters who are willing to pay a premium for the sake of their furbabies’ comfort.

3. Digital Locks

According to a privately-commissioned survey, millennials are willing to pay more for smart home upgrades. First in their list is an electronic door lock.

Digital locks eliminate the need for keys that can easily be misplaced. Most smart locks use either fingerprints or passcodes or a combination of the two. For good measure, some brands also include keyholes.

4. Voice Control Features

Aside from digital locks, a new emerging trend among “techy” homeowners is the voice control feature. It converts an apartment into a “smart home”. With just a few voice commands, homeowners can control their devices, the lights, and even their fireplace.

5. High-Speed WiFi

If you’re paying handsomely for your apartment, then it’s just reasonable to expect a high-speed WiFi connection. If you’re the landlord, this must be on top of your list. Slow internet connection often discourages potential renters especially those who often work from home.

6. Tanning Salon

More and more landlords are now adding tanning salons to their apartment complex. Though there are controversies surrounding this, there’s no doubt that it saves time for the renters. They don’t have to traipse around the city just to get spray-tanned.

7. Golf Simulators

Most apartment dwellers need somewhere to vent their stress out. This is why indoor gulf simulators are gaining popularity. It allows them to play golf whenever they want making it the perfect stress-reliever after a long day at work.

8. Cocktail Pool

Instead of the regular swimming pool, most apartment complexes now have cocktail pools. It’s more than just a place to relax or take a dip in. It’s also becoming an ideal place for socialization.

9. Ideal Location

It’s not a secret that apartments in key locations across the city fetch a much higher price. An ideal location offers the kind of convenience that people would want to pay a premium for.

10. On-site Movie Theaters

Another emerging trend among high-end apartments is on-site movie theaters. This in-house cinema provides privacy and exclusivity since it has a limited capacity. Most on-site theaters have luxurious seats, large projectors, and digital surround sound. So you can just up and go to your apartment room when you’ve had enough movies for the night.

11. Digital Thermostat

For temperature-sensitive folks, a digital thermostat is a must. Especially if your apartment is in an area with extreme winter and summer temperatures. Most state-of-the-art thermostats in the market today do more than just measure and control the temperature. It can also be connected to your other smart home devices for more efficient temperature control.

12. Grilling Pavilion

Aside from cocktail pools, grilling pavilions also makes a great hangout place for apartment dwellers. Just make sure that your state allows grilling pavilion in apartment buildings and that all fire safety protocols are followed.

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