Easy Ways to Dog-proof Your Hardwood Floor

When choosing what type of flooring to use in your home, hardwood floors are an excellent choice. However, most homeowners who have four-legged buddies running around the hallways every time often worry that hardwood floors are not advisable for them.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to give up your pet so that you can have that hardwood floor that you’ve always wanted. Fortunately, there are easy ways on how you can dog-proof your hardwood floor.

Although hardwood floors tend to get scratched easily and might make you think that it is not pet-friendly, these awesome hacks can minimize the scratches and marks.

Here are some tips on how you can have that classy-looking hardwood floor without having to worry about your furbabies ruining it.

1. Opt For A Distressed Or Hand-Scraped Hardwoods

This type of hardwood has a rough and rustic look, which makes the dents and scratches less visible.

2. Apply A Surface Finish

Hardwood finish is a topcoat used in hardwood floorings to protect it from everyday wear and tear. More robust finish like waterborne finish provides a better bond that is harder to scratch or wears through. It may be a little expensive compared to other types of finishes, but it will save you more money in the long run by not having to recoat more often.

3. Opt For A Lower Sheen Finish

A lower sheen hardwood finish is much better than a glossy finish, which only magnifies the marks. A lower sheen finish, however, does not eliminate dents and scratches. But it can make dents and scratches less noticeable. (Related: The Amazing Benefits of Olive Oil on your Wooden Furniture)

4. Apply More Coats Of Finish

Applying finishes on your hardwood means the dents and scratch will happen in the finish, not in the wood itself. The more coats you put in the wood, the less damage it will get from dog scratches.

5. Put Some Rugs And Carpet

Place some mats or runners in hallways or in places where your pets stay the most. Putting rugs in front of entranceways and dog doors also helps in minimizing scratches and dents on the hardwood floor.

6. Keep Your Pet’s Toenails Clipped Or Apply Nail Caps

Applying nail caps or regularly clipping your pet’s toenails will help in preventing nail scratches on your hardwood floors.

While these ways to dog-proof your hardwood floor are effective, you must know that it is the nature of the wood to get scratched easily. Minimizing damages on your flooring is one way to maintain its class and elegance. (Related: Buckled Wood Floors: Causes and Fixes)

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